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Share is a highly respected professional psychic well known for her clear, direct approach and accuracy. All readings are taped and guaranteed. To book a special group event in your home or Share's Highland, CA office, please contact Share.

tarot parties

Tarot parties, private or corporate, are available for an hourly fee plus travel expenses or a per-person charge.

Share reading for a client at a tarot party

special group events 

spirit circle

In a candlelit room, Share goes deep into the Crystal Ball to bring messages from the spirit world to you. The Black Mirror is passed around to allow everyone to experience its hidden secrets.

The finale has Share giving personal Crystal Skull readings as she did in the great pyramid Cheops, in Egypt. With a special blend of compassion and humor, share provides you with accurate and meaningful information with personalized attention for everyone present.

mystic oracle

In a group setting, Share brews and serves Turkish coffee while explaining the ceremony of Sycphomancy. As the coffee is sipped she will read from a large black sphere, an ancient scrying device.

Next, she reads the Rune Stones to see present and future personal data. Once the coffee is consumed, Share will read grounds left at the bottom of the cup, dealing with deep personal issues.

inner sanctum

Share will begin this special group sitting by giving everyone present a personal mini Tarot Card reading dealing with everyday situations. Next, everyone will make their own Smoke Billet that Share will interpret for hidden messages.

As an extra bonus, each participant is asked to bring a photograph of someone they have a question about and Share will use Psychometry to divine the answer.

for groups of 8 to 12
2 hours - $60 per person

Share Starwas, respected psychic, reading a man's tarot cards

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