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Share is a highly respected professional psychic well known for her direct approach and accuracy. Readings are confidential and taped so you can continue to work with the information received. All Readings are confidential and include a 100% money back guarantee!

What can you expect from a reading with Share?

Share Starwas, predictive psychic, holding a deck of tarot cards, in front of her crystal ballShare will tell you how to avoid the potholes and take the scenic route. It is you who will make the choices, nothing is carved in stone. You will be given accurate predictions based on your situation at the time of the reading. Your new-found knowledge will allow you to make more informed choices.

Share is compassionate and sensitive and will work with you to guide you to your potential and gifts so that you can have a more fulfilling life. Nothing is vague in her approach, she cares about you and will be clear and direct, sometimes using her contagious humor to make a point. Share puts you at ease. You will never feel judged as she believes life experiences are necessary for growth.

With 30+ years of experience behind her, Share takes responsibility for everything she tells you by providing you with a CD of the reading and a money back guarantee.

private readings

Share uses three different tarot decks and the crystal ball to assure you of an accurate and complete reading. All questions will be answered and the entire session will be recorded for you. All Readings include a one year forecast.
By appointment only. Share's office is located in Highland, California. For driving directions, click here.
1 hour, individuals - $120
1 hour, couples - $130

phone, FaceTime or Skype readings

Share will consult Tarot cards and a crystal ball while she is in direct contact with you. Works on your specific issue, including predictions for the next six months. The reading is recorded and mailed to you on CD immediately.
1/4 hour for $45  •  1/2 hour for $80  •  1 hour for $130
Purchase your phone reading using Share's secure online E-Shop (Paypal or credit card) and then contact Share to set up an appointment, or send your telephone number with a check or money order.

email reading

Share will answer up to 6 questions by email for $70. Please provide birthday(s) with questions. Reading will be sent to you by email or mailed CD.
Purchase your email reading using Share's secure online E-Shop (Paypal or credit card) or with a check or money order. Then email Share with your questions and date of birth.

special group events

Share can provide special group events (Spirit Circle, Mystic Oracle, and Inner Sanctum) as well as private or corporate Tarot parties in your home or at Share's Highland, CA office. Read more about Share's special group events!

Please contact Share to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Share Starwas - Zukunftsdeutung

Aufzeichnung der Privatkonsultation im Zentrum 5.
Share Starwas aus den USA arbeitet als Wahrsagerin und als Lehrerin für Tarot und Divination. Dank ihrer Integrität und der Klarheit und Präzision ihrer Aussagen wird sie allseits hoch geschätzt.In Presse, Radio und Fernsehen ist sie seit über 25 Jahren präsent. Das gleiche gilt für ihre private Praxis in den USA und in Europa.
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